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As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing United. (Stock code: 603613.SH), TDD CHEM operates as a vertical B2B E-commerce platform and is set to integrate the paint and coating industry chain via cloud logistics and ERP stystem to connect the upstream and downstream users to simplify the procurement and sales both raw matierals and end products respectively.

Orientation: vertical e-commerce platform of painting industry chain.

Business Model: B2B transactions of raw materials + B2B transactions of paint products + Cloud Logistics/Warehousing + Cloud ERP + Supply chain finance.

Value: To achieve value interaction of supply chain and win-win of internet ecology.

1)Expand sales increment of painting products and raw materials;

2)Bulk purchase  method to reduce procurement costs;

3)Enhance the experience of on-line & off-line service and enhance customer stickiness;

4)Improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics costs;

5)Optimize supply chain finance.

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