Dawn price adjustment letter: Due to the influence of the upstream raw material market of titanium dioxide and the actual situation of the company, after research the company decided that since February 14, 2019, the price of Dawn brand titanium dioxide is raised by 500 yuan/ton, and the export price is raised by 100.

Haifengxin chemical price adjustment letter: According to the current market situation and the actual situation of our company, the company's price committee has decided to increase the price of our company's rutile series by 500 yuan/ton based on the existing implementation price. It will be implemented from February 13, 2019.

Jinan Yuxing chemical price adjustment letter: In view of the continuous increase in the price of major raw and auxiliary materials, combined with the current market conditions, the company decided to change the price of titanium dioxide products from February 13, 2019: domestic customers:  The price of rutile titanium dioxide is raised by RMB 500/ton; foreign customers: the price of rutile titanium dioxide is raised by USD 100/ton.

Chuangda Yutu chemical price adjustment letter: Based on the current market conditions and the company's actual situation, since February 13, 2019, the "Yutu" brand titanium dioxide produced by our company has been raised by 600 yuan/ton on the original price.