On September 1, with the lighting up of the "10.10" icon of Guolian's Doduo APP, the invitation of Double Ten suppliers, third-party merchants and live broadcast invitation were launched respectively, and the digital supply chain units such as Doduo Cloud Factory, Doduo Logistics and Doduo Cloud Warehouse started the stocking mode. The "Double Ten Express Lane" for new registered users and "Double Ten Special Points" for old users and other Doduo welfare sections are launched online, and the 6th Doduo Double Ten Industry E-Commerce Festival is officially launched.


Platform users sing the lead role, and there are many benefits in the Doduo E-commerce Festival. After the event is opened, each Doduo platform will launch "product hot list", "merchant hot list" and other list-playing activities, and the platform will prepare products and recommend platform merchants according to users' attention. In addition to getting the opportunity to define their own products, users who participate in the recommendations and listings will also receive Doduo points to exchange for surprise gifts! In addition, the platform will also unlock the "registration gift", "sample gift" and other benefits, so that all users get a lot of rewards!


The "cloud factory" play a leading role, Duo Duo electric business festival benefits. With the deep layout of the construction of the cloud factory of each platform, this "Double Ten" e-commerce festival, more cloud factory products will be sent to the purchasing enterprises with "hit list" products, brand preference products for more benefits! "0 yuan to kill", "passionate auction", "buy free", "affordable vouchers" each activity you are worth Look forward to.


Focusing on multi-dimensional value, the festival is full of highlights. In the process of organizing the festival, each Duoduo platform will also invite platform users to participate in activities such as "overseas source hunting", "direct sourcing", "digital cloud factory show", "digital supply chain experience", etc., based on the live broadcast room with goods. "Digital supply chain experience" and other activities, so that industry chain enterprises get more procurement benefits while observing and sharing the results of Doduo's digital supply chain construction.


The Double Ten industry e-commerce festival has received positive response and strong support from various industry chain enterprises since it was first held in 2016. After the launch of this year's activities, each Duo Duo platform will join suppliers and merchants in various stages to continue to launch all kinds of welfare activities, so that many "old iron" again experience double ten sense of access!


Duo Duo stage, service industry, Duo Duo double ten e-commerce festival welcome platform procurement users, suppliers, platform merchants, supply chain service enterprises to participate together, and work together to create the e-commerce festival belongs to the entity!