According to customs data, in August 2021, China imported a total of 1,019,900 tons of methanol, an increase of 4.61% year-on-year and 15.15% YoY, with an average import price of $337.32/ton this month; methanol exports totaled 24,100 tons, an increase of 109.57% YoY and 5.70% YoY, with an average export price of $379.58/ton this month.


So far, from January to August, China's cumulative methanol imports totaled 7.760 million tons, with a cumulative average import price of US$324.10/ton, down 6.67% year-on-year; cumulative exports totaled 281,900 tons, with a cumulative average export price of US$343.69/ton, up 111.53% year-on-year.


Among the top three countries in August imports: UAE, Oman, Trinidad and Tobago; accounting for 39%, 35% and 11% of total imports, respectively. South American shipments arrived in narrow increments during the month, Trinidad sources of goods increased more significantly.


In August, the amount of methanol import shipments arrived in Hong Kong increased widely, during the month, Europe and the United States and India and other peripheral U.S. dollar price strong pull up, some sources of goods transferred to the high price of regional arbitrage, resulting in non-Iranian shipments arrived in the domestic arbitrage goods less, the Middle East recent device operation is mostly stable, a comprehensive view, the estimated total amount of methanol imports in September 1.05-1.1 million tons, still need to pay attention to the actual loading situation in early September and the subsequent unloading speed We still need to pay attention to the actual loading situation in early September and the subsequent unloading speed.