As of October 10, 21:20 Tuoduo, Weiduo, Glass Duo, Paper Duo, Fertilizer Duo, Grain and Oil Duo and most other platform products were sold out one after another, the sixth Double Ten Industrial Electricity Festival announced the end of the overall set of orders 905,751.73 million yuan, an increase of more than 106.71% compared to the fifth (2020), once again refreshing the single-day order record of Duoduo platform.



Duo Duo Double Ten Industrial Electricity Festival was first held in 2016, and this year is the sixth. On the day of the festival, each Doduo platform respectively let the cloud factory products play the lead, while joining hands with core suppliers to launch seconds, auctions, special sales and other rich activities, and launched 54 live broadcasts with goods on the same day, gaining the active participation of various industry chain enterprises attention. In addition, in the process of preparing for the festival, the platform actively digging deep into the cloud logistics, cloud warehouse value potential to further help platform users to reduce costs and increase efficiency, to double the turnover of the double ten years to achieve double the growth to provide a strong guarantee.