Blue 15:4

Blue 15:4

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Blue 15:4
Blue 15:4
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Product Description

Product Description

Phthalocyanine Blue 15:4 has many excellent properties. Such as high crystallinity and stability, the coloring power is several times that of Prussian blue and more than that of ultramarine blue. It is insoluble in most solvents and does not undergo sublimation and chemical changes when heated to 500 degrees. It has a bright blue color. , Its LAB value meets the specification, and has good wear resistance and transparency. Now, phthalocyanine blue is not only used as a colorant, but also used in the fields of organic semiconductors, photoconductors, and sensitizers for photosensitive resins. Therefore, copper phthalocyanine has become the blue variety with the largest output and the most versatile in organic materials. At present, the demand for it in the world market is constantly increasing. Phthalocyanine blue is divided into type a and type b. Industrially produced crude phthalocyanine blue crystals are type b. This phthalocyanine blue lacks the coloring power of blue-green tones. In order to make a good product, it is pigmented to make it a type.


Phthalocyanine blue is widely used in painting, water-based ink, plastic, leather, water-based paint, water-based printing paste and other coloring fields.

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