Carbon black Industry Chain

Lube Oil Industry Chain

Titanium Industry Chain

Inner Mongolia Mengda Titanium Industry

Mainly engaged in high titanium slag, acid soluble slag, titanium ore, titanium tetrachloride, titanium sponge, ferrotitanium, titanium dioxide, titanium yellow powder, ferroalloys , iron ore pellet manufacturing.

Industry Line Warehouse
Europol (Tianjin) New Material Technology

Mainly specialized in "Europol" brand lubricating grease, industrial lubricating grease, special industrial lubricating materials, automotive maintenance products series.

Industry Line Warehouse
Xinjiang Xinkai High Pigment Special Carbon Black

The company takes anthracene oil as the main raw material and applies DCS system to control the whole process. It has natural gas furnace black and natural gas gas black production lines. The products are in accordance with the EU environmental protection requirements, quality stable, performance excellent, and the quality reaches the domestic leading and international first-class level.

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Xiantao Zhongxing Electronic Materials

The main products are titanium tetrachloride, titanium dioxide, barium titanate, barium carbonate, which is popular in home&abroad.

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