Shell powder as a coating product, its main component is calcium carbonate, and the main component of lime powder is also calcium carbonate. With the hot shell powder coating market, many people have questioned and misunderstood, and even think that shell powder and lime powder are no different. ? What is the difference between shell powder and lime powder?

Look at the appearance: From the outside, the shell powder and the lime powder are white powders. It is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish the molecular size, so it feels similar, but the molecular size of the shell powder is much smaller than the lime powder. The shell powder is The shell is ground, calcined and processed in various processes, and the degree of fineness is high, so as to achieve the effect of the upper wall, the molecules of the lime powder cannot reach the standard of the coating.

Look at the ingredients: the main components of shell powder are calcium carbonate and chitin, in addition to a small amount of amino acids and polysaccharides. The lime powder lime powder is a white powdery substance mainly composed of calcium carbonate. It does not contain chitin and has a certain amount of metal elements. Chitin can effectively inhibit bacteria, so lime powder does not have such an effect.

See the use: shell powder can be used as food, cosmetics and indoor high-end decoration coatings, etc., no harm at all, the most common is used in the construction industry, that is, industrial calcium carbonate. The other is food grade calcium carbonate, which is widely used as a common calcium supplement. However, lime powder is not used for coatings, and there is no lime powder in the mainstream coatings on the market. Once the lime powder is inhaled excessively, it has serious harm to the human body.

See the effect: shell powder and limestone belong to the same building materials. Shell powder mostly uses interior wall paint. Limestone is mostly used for exterior walls and buildings, such as cement. Shell powder has the functions of adsorbing formaldehyde, decomposing formaldehyde, and breathing and regulating humidity. Limestone does not have it. Shell powder can be used to shape a variety of craft patterns. Lime powder is lacking in craftsmanship and is often found in plaster.

In summary, those who think that there is no difference between shell powder and lime powder are wrong. Shell powder as an environmentally friendly coating, the requirements for raw materials are extremely high, the lime of heavy calcium carbonate can not replace the shell powder, in addition, some special wall surface technology can only be made with shell powder, even diatom mud can not imitate positive The so-called surgery has a specialization, the role of lime powder is also unmatched by shell powder, so it is not scientific to put them together.