PPG announced in Pittsburgh, USA, that it will further increase its investment in automated color grading systems for automotive parts and decorative parts (APAD) paints and related coating products.

Following the investment in APAD business in Germany and Russia, PPG recently launched the APAD automated color grading system at its paint production facility in San Juan del Rio, Mexico. In addition, PPG will launch another color system in 2019 in Scribe, India. Previously, the automated color correction system was officially launched at PPG's APAD coatings production facility in Valladolid, Spain, Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and Tianjin, China.

Automated color grading technology can significantly improve PPG production efficiency and paint batch approval speed to better serve automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and spare parts suppliers. With this technology, various coating components can be automatically extracted from the storage tank according to the correct ratio, and can be directly mixed in the transportation container, which greatly simplifies the coating production process and improves production efficiency. The technology also helps to significantly reduce product variability, improve the consistency of color, appearance and construction performance of different paint and coating product batches, while also significantly reducing lead times.